Our Corporate portfolio offers a wide range of services from corporate office spaces, plug and play office spaces, front/back offices, branch offices, IT office spaces, built to suit office spaces, co-working spaces. There is a significant relationship between physical space and business performance metrics, productivity and overall employee experience. From helping you identify an environment that is most conducive to your needs and until the chosen space is ready for occupancy, we help you through all the procedures thus giving you maximum satisfaction.

The right choice of workspace is very crucial to a corporate as it could influence its performance in many ways. We understand your requirements and give you options that best suit it.

We have helped many leading corporates establish their corporate offices in Coimbatore, Suguna Foods, PRICOL, Isthara to name a few. Apart from corporate offices, we have helped many organisations set up their branch offices in our region.

We have also assisted associations Like the CII (Confederation of Indian Industries – Coimbatore Chapter) and the Foundry Association with their city offices.


This is a segment which has witnessed huge growth and has a huge potential. We are one of the leaders in Warehouse leasing in our region. We were able to foresee the potential of warehousing requirements even before the rollout of GST. We offer our clients advisory services on the potential of warehousing requirements in this region.

With the introduction of GST, the need for warehouse/ logistics/industrial buildings has increased manifold in Coimbatore.


Coimbatore being ideally located between Kerala and TamilNadu, the demand for warehouses in this city has continuously been on the rise. With the rollout of GST, the growth has been over five fold for warehousing. Most of the corporates choose the Coimbatore region for their warehousing needs for Kerala and rest of Tamilnadu other than Chennai. Coimbatore is strategically situated with good road connectivity by rail, road and air. We have been instrumental in leasing out around 10 lakh sq.ft of warehouse space. Our clients include Hindustan Unilever, Flipkart, Cadbury, Marico, ITC, Luxer Lighting. Our top clients take our valuable suggestions and assistance for all their warehousing and logistics requirements.



With the increasing commercial, IT and warehousing requirements, the need for residences too has increased manifold. Our services include purchase /sale and lease of Individual residences, gated communities and apartments. Residential premises for regional heads, branch managers, CEO’s, COO’s are taken care of with detailed attention to lifestyle living in individual villas, premium gated communities and the like.

With corporates following the policy of giving their employees breaks and outings, we also cover guest houses in all the major cities as well as in the hill stations in South India.

We give our clients a comprehensive guidance to help in the decision making process regarding the choice of space, legal negotiations for all commercial,residential, retail and industrial properties. Our services cover lease negotiation, Lease procurement and accommodation brief.


We take over the complete responsibility of understanding your business requirements and lay out before you the best choices that suit your business and help you choose the right space so that you can run your business successfully.

We represent both landlords and tenants, negotiating to suit both sides favourably.



We offer a total guidance when it comes to this sector , taking into consideration the availability of raw material, labour, power, transport, road connectivity and many other factors. We help identify the most favourable location. McWane , KTK Group are some of the international companies who have set up industrial workstations with our help in Coimbatore.


Retail establishments are used exclusively to market and sell consumer goods and services. A lot of factors need to be considered while choosing a retail location. Every retailer needs different geographies.We understand this need and do a thorough study to help our clients choose the best location. It goes without saying that the location of a retail showroom determines its success. We understand this fully and help identify retail spaces that will help your business bloom to its maximum potential.



Successful Joint Ventures are founded on shared objectives. The partners risk/reward strategies must be aligned to ensure both derive value from the arrangement. The strategic partnership, as well as the relationships between the parties are ongoing and needs to be developed. Joint Venture helps your business grow faster, increase productivity and generate greater profits. We help our clients in having Successful Joint Ventures.